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Mon 22/05 07:00 NZT 05:00 AEST
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EPL Tipping Prizes

As well as playing for bragging rights this season, there was $1650 in cash up for grabs in EPL Tipping.

Here's how we sliced it up. The players with the highest score at the end of the competition received:

  • First: Alpina ($500 cash)
  • Second: Grand slam ($100)
  • Third: JohnMaz ($50)

We'll also give away an additional 10 random $100 cash prizes during the season for round winners. (If more than one coach/player has the top points for the round, period, or at the end of the overall competition, a random draw amongst those coaches/players, will determine the winner(s). The same draw will happen if a player is tied with another for second or third place overall.)

We will publish the winners here at the end of each winning round and at the end of the season.

What are you waiting for? Be part of the game.

Spot Round Winners - $100
Round 3: paparnoddle
Round 6: Rolyo
Round 12: TheMadTiler
Round 14: Postie poo
Round 18: Moonman
Round 25: cianz
Round 27: Cunning
Round 30: Mewe
Round 32: Coggie
Round 36: Diamond