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How To Play

Playing EPL Tipping is easy. Once you've registered, all you need to do is log in each week and predict the winning team and margin for each Premier League match. We compare your picks to what really happened and award you points accordingly.

Compete with mates for bragging rights and to win prizes.

Earning Points

You'll earn 5 points for correctly predicting the winning team and 3 points for the correct margin. This is a total of 8 points for getting both the correct team and margin. Predicting a draw is a gutsy call so we'll give you 10 points.

Make Your Picks

Make a selection for each match on the Make Your Picks page. Select your team and a margin of either 2 or more goals, 1 or less. If you think it will be a tie, pick a draw.

After you make your picks don't forget to click the Save My Picks button.


You must submit your picks before our listed kick-off time for each fixture. Note: All times on this site are New Zealand Time (NZT).

Default Picks

If you miss your picks, we'll make them for you up to five times during the season. Our default picks are the away team by 2 goals for each game and are added to your score during the points update.


Create a mates list to track how your friends are performing each week.

You can view your mate's picks by clicking on their name in your mates list. You can't view their current picks until after the round has closed.

Email Updates

Each week we'll send you an email updating your score as well as an email to remind you if you haven't put your picks in. You can opt out of email contact but it's a useful way to ensure you don't miss out on any rounds.


For more information check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or send us an email.

Let me at it.

You now know all you need to play. First though be sure you've registered. If not, click REGISTER NOW. If you are registered, see if you can find your mates or simply make your picks.